Women's College Ring

  Welcome to my webring site! This page is dedicated to the Women's College Ring. I joined this ring back when I was still in college, and I was in college for a very long time! I went to a junior college. I went to a four year college. I went to law school. Next year I will be going back to college. I think I will be a professional student. : )


I have pages with links to colleges in Washington and lots of web therapy about my own miserable time as a law student. I love to talk to people about going to school and what it was like as a single mom.

  Most of my college experience is talked about in my web pages. Please visit them while you're here!

  • rachellenet: that's this site, it is home to web rings (both to join and surf); a name award; a web ring faq; and more. . .
  • pronounced ruh-shell: that's my personal home page. . .get some freebies there too!
  • canonical designs: a professional web and computer development company

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The Women's College Ring

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