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  • Rachelle on Domains and Web Servers/Hosts. . .

      For over 5 years, creating web sites has been a big part of my life. From my first page, hosted at GeoCities and created with Netscape Composer, to my own domain, hosted on a web server I help administer, personal homepage architecture has consumed my being.

      I started out with one, and eventually two, sites at GeoCities. I toyed with them and loved them and hated them. I even became a "Community Leader" while I was there and helped others build their home in the burbs of GeoCities.

      Then I bought a domain name: "" Then, one month later, domain prices went down drastically. . .not to mention the fact that at that time, old domains kept the old rate. . .so I bought another The plan was to let the first expire and use the new one. . .dumb plan, long story.

      I soon got tired of those names and soul-search and pondered until I came up with Then! What wonder of wonders?! My biggest wish came true. . .a rachelle domain became available!!! [yea!] I snatched up so fast, you wouldn't believe it.

      In a nutshell, I've become a domain name collector (I own some others too). I'm hooked on joining/creating web rings, even though membership is low. *pout* I love my pages and will sometimes spend many many hours at a time creating them. . .

  • Rachelle on web design. . .

      My web pages are usually several different pages on one site. I like them to be unique, so I generally use a different *web set* for each section. As I began to apply for web site awards and such, I noticed that 1) award givers like to see home made graphics, and 2) uniformity. I jumped on the home made bandwagon, but I just couldn't hang with the uniformity. So. . .typically, what you will find on my pages are new looks for every part of my site.

      Hopefully my visitors will appreciate the diversity. . .but if not, that's okay because I like it this way. : ) I did, however, compromise somewhat, and created a *main look* and explained as it goes along what the new section will *feel* like.

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