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  • About this site. . .

      This site was created in May 1997 and was redesigned [again. . .v. 500 or so] in June 2000. All images, text, and layout were designed by me! It looks best at 1024x768 High Color.

      Its purpose is to house the stuff I don't want cluttering up my *main* site, but that I love and need none the less.

      It lives at because I moved to the boondocks [apparently] and can't get DSL here. They don't let you use your own cgi scripts and it basically sucks. . .but at least I'm online 24/7 and they generously gave me this web space to create in for your browsing pleasure.

      I call it "rachellenet."

  • About Rachelle. . .

      Rachelle lives in the beautiful state of Washington and has many interests, including web design, law, and kids. For a lot more info on your web hostess. . .visit!


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