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    Only children have, quite possibly, the best position in the family tree. We get to be the first, the middle, and the last! Many people believe this has a lot to do with only personalities.

    Only children are said to have some of the following characteristics: perfectionist, reliable, conscientious, list makers, well organized, scholarly, goal oriented, high-achiever, self-sacrificing, people pleaser, conservative, supporter of law and order, believe in authority and ritual, legalistic, loyal, self-reliable. . . .and so on. Only children are often called spoiled, self-serving, know-it-alls as well.

    Whether any of this is true is hard to say, it may very well be. . .but obviously there are other factors to consider. One question I often ask my self is "why was I the only child?" I know the technical answer, but why really?

    Friends with siblings (actually. . .all of my friends have siblings), usually said stuff like "You're so lucky, you don't have to share, you get what ever you want. . ." and like comments, but really, only children have concerns that those with brothers and sisters don't have. For example, I watch my own children playing together and doing "sibling stuff," and I think back to when I was a kid and my best friend was the dog. My mom makes jokes like "When she was little, she'd fight with the dog. . ." Funny, ha ha.

    Not that I'm complaining. I wouldn't give up my only child status for anything, but still, it would have been nice to have a sibling around to push around. . .uuh, I mean to play with. . .

    If you too, had only the dog to fight with. . .then this ring is for you! Please take a look around and I hope to see you in the ring soon. . .

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